Two steps to take if there’s a bad case of the flu going around the daycare centre your child goes to

If several of the children at the local day care centre that your child goes to have caught the flu recently, here are some practical tips that you can try out if you want to reduce the chance of this virus affecting your household. Emphasise hand hygiene. One of the main ways that people catch the flu and other bugs is via their hands. When your child picks up pencils or toys that their friends at the child care centre, who are still contagious, have handled, it is extremely important that your son or daughter either washes the microbes off their hands or that they avoid bringing their unclean hands up to their face, as if they swipe at their nose or mouth with their contaminated hands, the microbes could get into their system and make them ill. Read More 

When is Your Child Too Sick for Child Care?

As a busy working parent, deciding if your child is well enough to go to child care is a frequent and uneasy choice you are likely to face. Particularly in their first year of care while they are building up immunity, the chances of facing sore throats, runny noses and fevers are very high. Sometimes the decision to keep your child home is clear like when your child is obviously unwell and will not be able to cope. Read More 

Six Steps to Take When Applying for Your Forklift Operator’s Certification

Forklifts are essential machines that help in crucial lifting operations in various industries. To successfully operate this equipment, you are generally required to take a forklift training course from an authorised provider. If you are wondering how to begin the certification process, here are six steps you need to follow: Determine the Forklift You Need to Work With As a beginner, you may wonder why self-assessment is essential. During this stage, ensure you know the exact forklift truck you want to work with. Read More 

Two Tips to Remember When Seeking Corporate Donation Opportunities for an Education Charity

If you have been tasked with seeking out corporate donation opportunities for an education charity that you are involved with, the advice outlined here could prove useful. Check that the corporations you are planning to seek donations from share the charity's ethos It is very important to do plenty of preliminary background research on any corporations that you believe might be willing to donate funds to your chosen charity. Specifically, you should check their social media platforms, their website and their past sponsorship partners to ensure that their ethos is similar to that of the charity you're involved with. Read More 

How to Get Your Child Back on Track After a Failed Exam

When your child comes to you with a failed exam grade, you'll likely be hit with a multitude of negative emotions: disappointment, worry and frustration. But as demoralising as a bad grade can be, there's always a chance to get your child back on track for success. Here are three things you can do to help after your child fails a test. Support, Don't Shame A failed exam grade can be just as disappointing for you as a parent as It is for your child. Read More